Coyote Sightings

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There have been several sightings of coyotes around Watkins Lake. According to the wildlife biologist for our area (Julie Oakes), January and February is the breeding time for the coyote. It is not uncommon to see them roaming around during the daylight hours at this time. To keep them away from your home: Do NOT […]

May WLOA Pets of the Month

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Watkins Lake has a wonderful collection of animal friends that make life on the lake rich.  Click through and see our pets for May.  Send us pictures of your animal friends for consideration in the months ahead.  Send them to Kathy Kos at

Safety on the Lake

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Make it a fun and safe summer on the water. The State of Michigan has published the Official Boating Handbook. Lots of good information for boats and personal watercraft. Be safe and review the rules.  Be sure to share the rules with your guests before they pilot a craft on the lake to ensure everyone […]