The following article was from a 1952 or 1953 local newspaper, located in 1 of 4 scrapbooks from the long-time lake resident, the late Don Zannoth and his family archives of the Watkins Lake Yachting Association (W.L.Y.A.).

“Its water surface comprises about 325 acres. No river or other stream flows through it. A paved highway skirts its west shore. It is largely maintained by copious springs in its bottom. It is named in honor of the first white man to settle on its banks. That was in 1825, when he took up some land from the government on its south shore. Other early landowners on its shores included the Stowell, Covert, Watchpocket, Heitsch, Bandesbin, Gratz, Fair and Cutchler families. Back in the last century, its east shore was platted one of the first summer cottage subdivisions in the county. This project was called Cotumabi Bluffs. Many of its higher shores still are wooded but the dense primeval forest which surrounded it when the white men first came here has generally been cleared away. Few of the county’s lakes now have more substantial year round homes on their shores.

You probably already have discovered the identity of this beautiful lake. If not, it is Watkins Lake in Waterford Township.”