A fence and gate system protects the boat launch at the Watkins Lake Owners’ Park (in Claudia Bay, on Claudia St. off M-59 at the far west/south end of the lake).  The gate uses a punch pad entry system.  If you would like to use the ramp, please contact one of the two directors for your area for the current code, which changes weekly.  If you are unable to reach either of your directors, then you may contact a director from another area.  The following are instructions for using the punch pad:

  1. Exit your vehicle and punch in code.  The gate will automatically open.
  2. Pull into the park.  The gate will close after you have cleared it.
  3. When you are ready to leave the park, pull up to the gate.  Exit your car and reenter the code on the pad inside the park.
  4. Exit the park.  The gate should automatically close behind you after you pull out onto Claudia.  Please watch to make sure the gate closes.  If not, please call a director.
  5. Please remember: Watkins Lake is private.  Only boats owned by lakefront homeowners are allowed access through this gate.

Association Park Access

The launch area at the Watkins Lake Association Park is for Riparians’ use ONLY, to drop in or pick up their own boats. NO EXTENDED PARKING IS PERMITTED. There is a very clear sign where you enter the code to open the WLOA Park gate. VEHICLES LEFT FOR A LONG PERIOD OF TIME WILL BE TOWED. The burden of recovery and storage fees will be the responsibility of the boat owner. We hate to do it, but WE WILL TOW!