The 2014 boating season is (finally) underway … and with it comes our annual safety message.  Information can be found on our website  under “Rules and Safety”.

This year I want to highlight the proper separation distance when boating.  Michigan boating law states: “To maintain a proper distance when you are operating at greater than “slow, no wake speed”, the vessel or persons being towed must not be within 100 feet of:  a shoreline, any moored or anchored vessel, a dock or raft, or any marked swimming area or person(s) in the water”.  Apparently, there were some close calls as reported by the Watkins Lake Watchpocket Association near their swim area and swimming platform.  Also, we’ve all seen boating traffic much too close to downed skiers and tubers.

Let’s enjoy our Watkins Lake by making this a fun and safe year.

For a complete overview of Michigan Rules and Regulations for watercraft, click on for a good refresher coarse before you push your watercraft away from the dock.