The Watkins Lakefront Owners Association, Inc.

 Annual Meeting and Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

January 15, 2019


Officers: Paul Klapproth, Dave Kramer, Greg Frontier, and Pat McDonald 

Directors: Roz Warren, Sheila Seaver, Jim Ayres, Steve Miller, Ian Perry, Rod Lema, Aaron Monier, Tom Kaufman and Bruce Jesionowski

Others:  Pat Deibel, Lindsey Broadwell, Mike Broadwell, Cathy Gable, Roger Warmelink, Michael Doback, Keith Vandenkieboom, Ann Moss, Donna Kaufman, Tom Richardson and Lori Champagne

Absent: Dorothy Nelson, Dave Hansz, Jeff Moss, Tim Cramer, Tad Collins, Kathy Sheiko, Andrew Sheets and Michael Hauswirth  


Call to Order:  

Paul Klapproth, President, called the meeting to order at 7:04 and welcomed all attendees.  He asked everyone for any input, thought or comments during the meeting.  The Sign-in sheet was available at the door.  The meeting agenda and the Treasurer’s reports were also available at the door.

Secretary Minutes:  The minutes were circulated to the Directors via email prior to the meeting.  Motion was made to approve the November 13, 2018 minutes by Rod Lema, 2nd by Bruce Jesionowski.  Motion unanimously approved by the Board.

Treasurer’s Report:  

Greg Frontier completed Balance sheet and Profit & Loss report review.   We currently have $48,838.21 in assets plus $3,485.79 held by the township.  We are okay until we receive more funds from the township in April.  The Profit and Loss Budget vs. Actual shows a rise in the interest income. There was an additional $100 expense for using the community room at the library for our director meetings.  The operations maintenance for the weed harvesting program is over budget due to the additional cost of $630 for the shoreline weed raking and the equipment repair.  The cost of repair of the harvester paddles was $5,300.  Our hourly wages expense was lower due to the decrease in weed harvesting.  The goose round-up expense was below budget because we only disturbed the nests and did not conduct the round-up in June.  The storm drain/water quality has been delayed until next year.   

Greg explained this is the last year of the approved 3 year budget.  He will begin working on a new three year budget for 2020 – 2023 this summer.  Motion made by Aaron Monier to approve the treasurer reports, 2nd by Ian Perry.  Motions unanimously approved by the Board.  

Communications:  Paul explained the issues with the Web site have been resolved and it is functioning well at this time.

Weed Harvesting and Claudia Park Report:  Pat Deibel explained the cutter bar frame on the weed harvester has been removed for repair.  They will be completing some welding and fabrication by April.  Next there will be some hydraulic work completed.  Also all of the hoses in the hydraulics will be replaced. 

The gate motor was running because the gate was not lined up correctly.  Pat is checking this periodically and asked anyone driving by the park to check if the motor is running.     


The storm drain project at the end of South Shore and Claudia Bay needs to be completed.  Pat received a quote of $800 to remove trees and limbs from the area to allow more sunlight in the area.  After this is completed Lake Savers will install rock to minimize the silt coming in off M59 to settle through the rock into the lake.   Also there are plans to plant native plants along the bank of the water in the spring. The goal is to reduce nutrients that feed the weeds in the lake.  Pat may need help from other board members or riparians to complete the project. 

Lake Board Report:  There is no update until February or March when the board has their first meeting.  Rod explained the members of this board include Representatives Tom Middleton, the commissioner, the drain commissioner the County and our Township representative Karen Joliat.  They meet one or two times a year to review the budget and approve the release of funds collected by the township.  They approve the money to be released to each lake association based on their treasurer’s budget reports.  Our total budget is usually between $60,000 and $65,000.  Budget items must be for lake improvement which benefits all riparians.  The total amount of the budget is then divided by all of the 287 Watkins Lake riparians to create the annual assessment for each parcel.   

Water Quality:  no update  

Activities Committee Report:  TGIF Happy Hour at the Shark Club will be held on Friday, February 22, 2019

Presidents Report

Paul reviewed some of the highlights of 2018 which included building a storage barn for protecting the truck from vandalism and the salt spray from M59.  Hopefully this will extend the life of the truck and minimize loss of our capital investment.  We made plans to minimize the silt runoff from M59 to the lake; we hope to complete this project in 2019.  The Lake is doing well and our maintenance has helped to improve the lake and keep it alive.  Paul explained this was his last year as President of the association.  He still plans on continuing as Director.  We plan to elect a new President for 2019 along with the other board officers at a short directors meeting immediately after this annual meeting. 

Everyone thanked Paul for a great job as our president for the past few years.


Old Business: 

Proposed meeting dates for 2019 – January 15th, March 19th, May 14th, July 16th, September 17th and November 12th.   The Waterford Township Library community room has been reserved for these meetings.

New Business:

Election of Directors:  There are a few directors who will no longer be able to serve as a director and need to be replaced on the board.  Mike Broadwell volunteered to be a director for Claudia to replace Dorothy Nelson.  Cathy Gable volunteered to be a director for South Shore to replace an open position and Lindsey Broadwell volunteered to replace Sheila Seavers on South Shore.  There was a motion by Aaron Monier, 2nd by Bruce Jesionowski to approve the full slate of new and existing directors for 2019.  Motion unanimously approved by the Board.

Lori Champagne congratulated Pat on an excellent job in weed harvesting last summer.  She appreciated all of the extra efforts in clean-up in Finley Bay, the Lakewood Drive out lot where the harvester is parked and along their shoreline off Watkins Lake road.  She also told us that R.W. Watson passed away recently.

Adjournment:  Motion by Aaron Tom Kaufman, 2nd by Greg Frontier to adjourn the meeting.  Motion unanimously approved by the Board.

Directors Meeting Notes:

The purpose of this brief meeting was to elect officers for WLOA.  Pat Deibel nominated Scott Garver for President.  Scott was unable to attend the meeting but Pat Deibel and Paul Klapproth both confirmed he has agreed to volunteer to be our next president.  Dave Kramer agreed to continue as Vice President, Greg Frontier agreed to continue as Treasurer and Pat McDonald agreed to continue as Secretary.  

Motion was made by Jim Ayers to approve of the nominations and 2nd by Ian Perry.  All candidates were unanimously approved.

Submitted by: Pat McDonald, Secretary, (248) 207-8862

These are the unapproved minutes from the January WLOA Annual meeting.  They will be reviewed and approved at the March meeting.

Attendance Report:

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