There have been 57 loads of weeds removed from the lake so far this summer. More weeds have been harvested from the East side of the than the West side of the lake which is typical. The Harvesting summary from last summer had 109 loads of weed removed through this date. There are too many variables to figure out why weed growth is so slow this season. The primary weed that we are getting is Eurasian Milfoil but we are pulling up Chara and Starry Stonewort as well. Poor lake clarity has been making finding weeds difficult and may also have an impact on weed growth.

We have a couple of young people doing beach cleanup around the lake.

We have been operating out of Claudia Park due to shore conveyor problems. As soon as we get the second shore conveyor working we will put in Finley Bay.

Pat Deibel

July 17, 2018