Green Lawns while protecting the lake should be an objective for everyone.  Fertilizer and grass clippings easily find their way into the lake, which can lead to algae blooms and accurate weed growth in the lake.  A few easy steps can help keep our lake healthy.

Mow high and leave the clippings.  Set the lawnmower to cut 3″ or higher to establish strong, healthy roots and shade out weeds.  Leave clippings on the lawn to return nutrients to the soil.

Fertilize in the Fall. Fall is the best time for turf grass to aborb nutrients.  Never fertilize if the ground is still frozen.  Wait until May for the first application.

Create fertilizer-free zones.  Maintain a 15-foot buffer along water-fronts in the yard by not fertilizing or just letting the grass grow.  A buffer helps to keep grass clippings and fertilizers from getting  into the water.  A buffer can also help discourage geese, filter pollutants from runoff and improve shoreline habitat.

Oakland County Water Resources Commissioner