****Meeting Minutes are subject to review and approval at the July WLOA Directors Meeting****

 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

May 14, 2019


Officers:  Scott Garver, Dave Kramer, Greg Frontier, and Pat McDonald 

Directors: Roz Warren, Dave Hansz, Cathy Gable, Lindsey Broadwell, Jim Ayres, Ian Perry,  Tom Kaufman 

Others:  Pat Deibel 

Absent: Mike Broadwell, Jeff Moss, Steve Miller, Rod Lema, Tim Cramer, Paul Klapproth, Tad Collins, Aaron Monier, Kathy Sheiko, Andrew Sheets, Bruce Jesionowski and Michael Hauswirth  


Call to Order:  

Scott Garver, President, called the meeting to order at 7:05 and welcomed all attendees.  The Sign-in sheet and Treasurer’s reports were available at the door.  The meeting agenda and March 19th meeting minutes were distributed via email prior to the meeting.

Secretary Minutes:  The minutes were circulated to the Directors via email prior to the meeting.  Dave Kramer commented on one correction to the minutes.  The Circuit Court establishes the draw down level on the lake not the township or DEQ.  Motion was made to approve the March 19, 2019 minutes with the correction

 by Dave Kramer, 2nd by Ian Perry.  Motion unanimously approved by the Board.

Treasurer’s Report:  

Greg Frontier completed Balance sheet and Profit & Loss report review.   We currently have $95,161.71 total assets.  WLOA received $56,513.09 from the township in April.  We have not been charged for the Lake Level Assessment.  The park gate repair was $7,579.40.  The Harvester maintenance was $6,465.71; which included repairs at $5,565 and the crane rental at $300.  There is an outstanding invoice for approximately $10,000 from Aquarius to repair the front end and cutter bar.  A draft of the new budget for 2020-2023 will be presented to the Lake Board at their meeting in August.  Motion made by Pat McDonald to approve the treasurer reports, 2nd by Dave Hansz.  Motions unanimously approved by the Board.  

Communications:  No update

Lake Board Report:  No update; next meeting in August

Weed Harvesting and Claudia Park Report:  

The front end was rebuilt and brought back to the lake.  Pat used a crane to put the cutter bar frame into the truck to transport it back to the park.  The cutter bar should be installed on Thursday.  The repaired paddlewheel has been installed.  Pat plans to install new hoses next week and the harvester should be ready to launch next week.  The sickle bar has also been repaired.  In the future we may need new hydraulics and possibly a new engine.  Pat has hired 3 operators for this summer.

Pat provided an update on the storm drain project at the end of South Shore and Claudia Bay.  Pat has been researching a cost estimate for filter mesh to be used in creating holding ponds to complete the installation of rock to minimize the silt coming in off M59.  The cost should be much less than the $5,000 cost estimate from Lake Savers, so we will not be using Lake Savers for this project.   

The drain on Eason by Ian Perry’s home needs to be landscaped.  Ian stated they have begun landscaping his lot.  The next area for improvement is on Lakewood Drive near Aaron’s home.  The engineer who is completing the new parking lot by Cooley Elementary school held a meeting with neighbors.  They are building retention ponds ten times the size needed.  This should avoid any run off into the lake. 

Water Quality:  No update; testing will begin in June  

Activities Committee Report:  Lindsey Broadwell, the new President provided an update.  

  • The Flares for the 4th of July will have a slight cost increase to $6 each, due to increased cost.  
  • The theme for the 4th of July parade is “Around the World”.  There will be multiple voting stations around the lake this year.  There is discussion of a prize for the winner and the ability to keep the winning flags for the summer to display at their home.  
  • The committee plans to distribute a flyer to residents listing the Activities for this year on the lake.     
  • The golf outing, led by Lisa Guyot, with donations to the American Cancer Society in memory of Mary Kay Smith, will not be held this year due to lack of participation in the event.  
  • They are discussing plans for a fundraiser this fall to replace the golf outing.  The event could be held at the Overtyme Grill Taproom, a band will play and a charity will be named for the event.
  • The Carp fishing tournament, led by Mike Broadwell, is planned for Memorial Day weekend.  The Bass fishing tournament is planned for the weekend after the 4th of July. 
  • The next meeting is planned for June 10th at Lindsey’s home at 7 p.m.

Old Business: 

  1. Directors for 2019 – There are a couple of directors who are not able to attend the meetings on a regular basis.  Scott will follow-up with Tim and Michael to see if they are still interested in staying on the board.  If not, Scott may replace one of them on the board as a director.
  2. Goose Busters update – Aaron was not able to attend tonight’s meeting but asked for an update on when the goose round-up could be held.  It was agreed on Saturday, June 22nd, if Goose Busters is available on that date.
  3. Draw Down of the Lake in the Winter – At our last meeting, Pat Deibel suggested creating a committee to investigate the steps needed to request a larger draw down of the lake in the winter.  Dave Kramer confirmed the lake level was established by Oakland County Circuit Court when we conducted the new pump and drain project.  Currently we are limited to a six inch draw down.  Pat McDonald will follow-up with some directors and residents to see if they might be interested in heading the committee.
  4. Feeding the Geese – A letter was sent last year to a resident on Forest who continues to feed the geese which also attracts a variety of other animals.  Follow-up is needed to see if Paul placed a reminder on the web site. 
  5. Subscription for Website – Paul was not available to provide an update

New Business:

Bass Fishing on the Lake – Mike Broadwell has been doing some research on the habits of the bass fish in the lake.  Unfortunately Mike was not available to attend the meeting to provide his findings.  Two of the discussion items are returning the bass caught during the tournament to the site where they were caught and everyone releasing any bass fish caught during spring spawning season.

Adjournment:  The meeting was adjourned the meeting at 8:01 pm. 

Submitted by: Pat McDonald, Secretary, (248) 207-8862