The Watkins Lakefront Owners Association, Inc

 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

November 13, 2018

Secretary: Pat McDonald     email: (248) 207-8862


Officers: Paul Klapproth, Greg Frontier, and Pat McDonald 

Directors: Roz Warren, Dave Hansz, Jeff Moss, Sheila Seaver, Jim Ayres, Steve Miller, Ian Perry, Rod Lema, Aaron Monier, Tom Kaufman and Andrew Sheets 

Others:  Pat Deibel

Absent: Dorothy Nelson, Dave Kramer, Tim Cramer, Tad Collins, Kathy Sheiko, Michael Hauswirth and Bruce Jesionowski


Call to Order:  

Paul Klapproth, President, called the meeting to order at 7:04 and welcomed all attendees.  Sign-in sheet was available at the door.  The meeting agenda was circulated via email prior to the meeting.  The Treasurer’s reports and Harvesting Report were also available at the door.

Paul thanked everyone for another successful summer of lake activities.  This winter there are plans for working on repairs on the weed harvester.  

Secretary Minutes:  The minutes were circulated to the Directors via email prior to the meeting.  Motion was made to approve the September 18, 2018 minutes by Sheila Seaver, 2nd by Jeff Moss.  Motion unanimously approved by the Board.

Treasurer’s Report:  Greg Frontier completed Balance sheet and Profit & Loss report review.   We currently have sufficient assets until we receive more funds next April.  In our review of the budget vs. actual there was an additional expense for using the community room at the library for our director meetings.  The goose round-up expense was below budget because we only disturbed the nests and did not conduct the round-up in June.  The storm drain/water quality may be delayed until next year.   We are under budget for the weed harvesting operations and maintenance due to decreased cutting operations.  There will be additional expenses for equipment repair before the end of the year.  Greg explained that Dave Hansz completed a high level review of the financial reports versus the bank accounts.  Motion made by Dave Hansz to approve the September treasurer reports, 2nd by Sheila Seavers.  Motions unanimously approved by the Board.  

Communications:  Paul explained the issues with the Web site in September have been resolved.

Weed Harvesting and Claudia Park Report:  Pat Deibel reviewed the Harvesting Report for Fall 2018 at the meeting.  There are currently two projects underway.  The paddlewheel has been removed and repaired by a welder.  It will be power coated and painted.  The cost for the paddlewheel repair will be approximately $5,000.  The second project is to take the frame off the front end of the harvester.  They are taking it apart now and will be repaired indoors this winter.  Oakland Harvesting is loaning us a cherry picker to help remove this heavy piece.  Pat does not have a quote yet on the cost of this repair.  We will need to start thinking about a new engine for the harvester but overall the machine is in good shape.    


The storm drain project at the end of South Shore and Claudia Bay with Lake Savers will not require a permit. A suggestion was made to remove trees and limbs from the area.    The cost to trim and cut tress will be approximately $500 – $1,000; Pat will get some quotes.  Also there are plans to plant native plants along the bank of the water in the spring.  Pat will need help from other board members or riparians to cut and remove the small trees to complete the project this year. 

Lake Board Report:  no update until February

Water Quality:  Dave Hansz explained the water clarity averaged 7.4 feet this summer.  We discussed whether the zebra mussels may have had an impact on water clarity.  The phragmities were only found and treated in Horseshoe Canal and some on Lakewood Drive.  

Activities Committee Report:  TGIF Happy Hour at the Shark Club will be held November 17th and a Friday in February 2019

Presidents Report

Paul told us this will be his last year as President of the association.  He still plans on continuing as Director.  We will need to consider a new President starting in 2019.  There is a need to replace some of the directors on the board.  There are a few directors who have not attended any of the meetings in 2018 or only one meeting.


Old Business: 

  1. Open Director on South ShoreNo update on filling this position

New Business:

We reviewed the proposed dates for 2019 – January 15th, March 19th, May 21st, July 16th, September 17th and November 19th.  After discussion we agreed to move the November meeting to November 12th.  We will continue to hold our meetings at the Waterford Township Library community room.

Adjournment:  Motion by Roz Warren, 2nd by Rod Lema to adjourn the meeting.  Motion unanimously approved by the Board.