Officers: Paul Klapproth, Dave Kramer, Greg Frontier, and Pat McDonald
Directors: Dorothy Nelson, Jeff Moss, Lyle Nagle, Jim Ayres, Steve Miller, Ian Perry, Rod Lema, Tad Collins, Kathy Sheiko, Aaron Monier, Tom Kaufman, Andrew Sheets, Michael Hauswirth, Bruce Jesionowski,
Others: Pat Deibel, Colleen Karalis and Keith Brunson
Absent: Roz Warren, Dave Hansz, Sheila Seaver, and Tim Cramer

Call to Order: Paul Klapproth, President, called meeting to order at our new meeting location at the Oakland County Executive building. Sign-in sheet was available at the door. The meeting agenda was circulated via email prior to the meeting. The Treasurer’s reports and Spring Harvesting/Claudia Park Report were also available at the door.

President’s Comments: Paul welcomed all attendees and visitors. He thanked Tim Cramer for serving as Secretary and welcomed our new secretary Pat McDonald.

Secretary Minutes: Pat McDonald stated that the minutes were circulated to the Directors via email by Tim Cramer, prior to the meeting. Motion was made to approve January 17, 2017 meeting minutes by Aaron Monier, 2nd by Tad Collins. Motion unanimously approved by the Board.

Treasurer’s Report: Greg Frontier completed balance sheet and Profit & Loss review. Greg explained the additional funding for 2017 should be obtained following the Lake Board meeting in April. There was no lake level assessment received in 2016 resulting in a savings of $550.
Motion was made to approve March 21, 2017 the treasurer’s reports by Tad Collins, 2nd by Rod Lema. Motion unanimously approved by the Board.

Communications Report: Paul Klapproth reported we are continuing to work on the website with additional features. Currently we have not received a bill from the website administrator.

Weed Harvesting and Claudia Park Report: Pat Deibel reviewed the current reports at the meeting. There is a meeting tomorrow to discuss the installation of electrical service for the new pole barn. We plan to use the electrical service already installed in the existing shed. The new pole barn will be painted green. Additional landscaping surrounding the shed will be completed after all of the construction. Pat explained the harvester and shore conveyor do not require maintenance at this time. The truck may require some routine maintenance.

Lake Board Report: Funding should be received after the Lake Board meeting. The proposed budget for 2017-2019 will be reviewed.

Lake -Savers Committee Report: There is a meeting schedule on Friday to discuss the Eason Drain. The first step of the project will be to deliver the rock but the date to begin work has not been determined.

Boating Committee Report: None

Activities Committee Report: Colleen Karalis gave an update on activities. The first activity planned for 2017 is the 2nd Annual Watkins Lake Bowfishing Championship on Sunday, May 28, 2017. The rules for the event are for catching Carp fish only which may be speared or caught on hook and line. First prize is 70% of the pot of the total entry fee of $25 per person. Mike Broadwell is the contact for this event The next committee meeting is scheduled for March 30th to finalize the activities planned for 2017.

Old Business:
Pole Barn project has been completed with the exception of Electrical service, poured concrete floor, shelving, security lighting and landscaping. These items are planned for this spring.
Waterford Regulations prohibiting item on shores of outlots
Pat is currently researching the deed and plat language, the bylaws for Watkins Lake Lakewood Drive Association and the documentation of the outcome of the previous permit request in 2005. The permit request was previously denied by the DEQ and LWMD.
A letter was sent to the Merry Covert Association but no response has been received

New Business:
Michigan Shoreline Partnership Workshop is scheduled for this Saturday, 3/25. The DEQ watershed Council participates in this workshop
The Goose Busters permit will be submitted for this year. They will begin by disturbing nests for the Canadian Geese.
Paul requested the directors gather the addresses of the new riparians by each area. This will allow us to send a newsletter and website information to the new home owners.
Cathy and Tom Gable from Pitt/Eason have a meeting scheduled with neighboring homeowners to discuss options to lower the muck levels in their area. Lake-Savers are meeting with the homeowners.
Cleaning of the M-59 lot will be scheduled for this spring when weather permits. We discussed inviting all riparians to participate.

Adjournment: Motion to adjourn the meeting at 7:45 p.m. Motion unanimously approved by the Board.

For copies of attachments contact Secretary Pat McDonald.

Secretary: Pat McDonald email: (248) 207-8862