The Watkins Lakefront Owners Association, Inc.

 2020 WLOA Annual Meeting  Minutes

February 4, 2020


Officers:  Scott Garver, Dave Kramer, Greg Frontier, and Pat McDonald 

Directors: Mike Broadwell, Roz Warren, Cathy Gable, Lindsey Broadwell, Jim Ayres, Ian Perry,  Aaron Monier, Tom Kaufman, Andrew Sheets, Bruce Jesionowski 

Others:  Pat Deibel, Pam Torraco, Rose and Lane Gaddis, Charlie Warren, Cass and Joyce Barnosky, Glenn Gorman, Carol and Mark DeVore, Jim and Carol Smith, Ron and Julie Melchert, Michael Stewart, Tom Richardson, Jeff Urian, Jennifer Dickow, Jim Schea, Sam and Lisa Harris and Christin Hobbell

Absent: Dave Hansz, Jeff Moss, Steve Miller, Rod Lema, Paul Klapproth, Tad Collins, Kathy Sheiko and Michael Hauswirth  


Call to Order:  

Scott Garver, President, called the meeting to order at 7:03 and welcomed all attendees.  The Sign-in sheet, meeting agenda, Treasurer’s reports and three year WLOA preliminary budget were available at the door.  

Secretary Minutes:  The minutes were circulated to the Directors via email prior to the meeting.  Motion was made to approve the November 12, 2019 minutes by Mike Broadwell, 2nd by Cathy Gable.  Motion unanimously approved by the Board.

Treasurer’s Report:  

Greg Frontier completed Balance sheet and Profit & Loss report review.   We currently have $30,740.89 in assets (checking and money market accounts).  The interest income from the Ford Money Market Account was higher than budgeted; the goose round-up was less than budgeted due to a decrease in the number of geese; maintenance operations were over budget.  We spent the majority of funds received from the township this year on operations maintenance.  This included resolving issues with the park gate, several repairs to the harvester and tree removal for the drain project near the park.  The gate issues included installing an underground sensor to open the gate from the inside automatically.  The equipment maintenance for the new steel frame and cutter bars was completed to avoid the cost of a new harvester which is approximately $200,000.  We were over budget by approximately $19,000.  Greg explained we budgeted for unexpected expenses which covered the over budget amount. Motion made by Rod Lema to approve the treasurer reports, 2nd by Ian Perry.  Motions unanimously approved by the Board.   

Communications:  Pat provided an update from Paul regarding the updates under way to the web site.  The updates to the website will provide updated cosmetics, reregistration for the park gate codes, streamline the registration process and should make the website more usable.  Users may need to update a form for submission after updates are made to the database.

Lake Board Report:  Dave explained the Lake Board has representatives which include the County Commissioner, Drain Commission, two citizens and Karen Joliat attends.  There is no update until the next meeting in the Spring and will include the approval of the WLOA preliminary budget for 2020-2022.

Weed Harvesting and Claudia Park Report:  Pat explained there was a heavy amount of weed growth early in the season.  There was a late start on starting harvesting due to the completion of the repairs to the harvester.  Pat plans to get an early start in May on weed harvesting.

The storm drain project is budgeted for $5,000 for 2020.  Storm drain abutments or bioswale are placed to filter the water from sediment entering the lake.  Pat is working with the directors to identify potential sites for 2020.  

Water Quality:  Dave Hansz provided a yearend report at the November meeting and this is posted on the website.  The cost of the testing is included in the budget.  

Activities Committee Report:  

  • The information for the lake activities committee is now on Face book at “What’s Up Watkins”
  • A winter skating event is planned for mid February
  • The Shark’s Club happy hour is planned for February 21st from 5-8 p.m.
  • Calendars are for sale with pictures of riparians dogs for $20
  • The funding for lake activities is primarily generated by the sale of the Fourth of July flares
  • The committee is looking into holding a house tour this year, they will be asking for volunteers to have their house included in the tour
  • Anyone who would like to join this committee or has suggestions for lake activities  should contact Lindsey Broadwell

Presidents Report:   see drawdown of the lake

Old Business: 

  1. Winter Drawdown of the Lake – Scott has researched a proposal to increase the winter draw down of the lake.  He spoke with Jason Say an engineer at the Waterford Water Resources Commission (WRC) about the possibility of lowering the weir at the drain down an additional foot.  Four years ago when we had an assessment of our lake completed a suggestion was made in the report to expose the lake bottom to compact the soil bottom and decrease weeds.    This also would allow for seawall maintenance and help with beach erosion.  Prior to installation of the well we may have had lower lake levels in the winter. 

Initially we would complete a onetime draw down without altering the weir.  Greg Tiell at the WRC is our commissioner, explained they would monitor the water level and the fish population.  After the initial draw down we may consider to make a permanent change in the winter lake level rather than a temporary change.  The recommendation is to work with the water quality resource to evaluate if the weir can be adjusted to complete the drawdown.  If so we will move forward with next steps, if not we may need to evaluate the cost of altering the weir. 

  1. Meeting Dates for 2020:  March 24th, May 19th, July 14th, September 22nd, November 10th and January 19, 2021
  1. Review of 2020-2022 Three Year Budget
    • Greg explained the budget shows the net funds required is $208,361.  
    • This is an increase in the assessment from $202.83 to $242.00 per parcel.  
    • The increase is needed to create an $18,000 reserve for any miscellaneous unbudgeted expenses in the next 3 years.
    • The majority of expenses are for weed harvesting program.  The equipment maintenance includes an additional $5,000 for replacement of the diesel engine on the harvester.
    • A question was asked about the $3,400 budgeted for 2020 for office expenses.  Greg explained this is for publication of a new lake directory ($500), publication in the newspaper announcing the new budget ($1,900) and letters mailed to all of the lake residents. 
    • Aaron motioned to accept the preliminary budget, seconded by Pat, unanimously approved by the board.

New Business:

  1. Water flow on Eason – The culvert on Eason is too small so water is not moving through the culvert to the other side of the lake.  This causes stagnant water and mosquito breeding which is an environmental problem.  Several years ago the road commission replaced the culvert with a smaller culvert.  Previously small boats could go thru the culvert.  Dredging is not the solution because the water will still not flow through.  A suggestion was made to form a new committee to address this issue. 
  2. New Directors – There are currently 3 open director positions on the lake.  There were several riparians who volunteered to fill the open positions.  The volunteers are Jennifer Dickow, Pam Torraco, Charlie Warren and Julie Khercher Page.  Scott will review the bylaws to determine if Julie is eligible to be a director.  We will finalize the new directors at the next meeting.
  3. Non Licensed Marina on residential lakefront lot 

A scenario was described by Dave Kramer of starting a business to rent space on his dock for three other boats.  The response from the attendees at the meeting is they did not like the idea and don’t like the thought of crowding the lake.  If it is a demonstration boat it may increase the chance of invasive species and a detriment to lake quality.  Our boat launch was bought to keep the lake private and should be used to launch only resident boats and it is not for commercial use.  The current WLOA bylaws do not state riparian docks are for residential use only or restrict the use of the boat launch.  The park gate operation guidelines state the use of the gate is only for boats owned by lakefront owners.  

We discussed involvement of the DNR, there is a requirement for a marina permit but their response has been they are unable to follow-up on this type of issue.  If a boat is not registered to the riparian property owner then this is keyholing which is illegal without a marina permit.  If more than two entities own the property then a marina permit is required.  

The consensus is a recommendation to amend the bylaws with language on the appropriate use of the launch site.  We also discussed a suggestion of putting decals on the boats of the riparians.

Adjournment:  The meeting was adjourned at 8:40 pm.  

Submitted by: Pat McDonald, Secretary, (248) 207-8862

Attendance Report:

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