WLOA Website Guidelines

  1. The WLOA Website is for the sole use of the members of the Watkins Lakefront Owners Association (WLOA). Its purpose is to communicate information on activities that enhance the quality of life on the lake and in the immediate community.
  2. All items posted shall represent legal activities and be presented in good taste.
  3. Each posting will include a contact person with contact information for each activity or listing.
  4. Examples of acceptable posts include lake-wide events and activities; lost or found items; items for sale; non-commercial services (e.g. student part time work); charity events or activities actively spearheaded by a riparian; riparian updates (new neighbors, births, deaths, marriages, etc).
  5. Examples of unacceptable posts include political ads/promotions and commercial/business advertising.
  6. The Webmaster and editorial policy board of the WLOA (WLOA Executive Board members) reserve the right to reject or edit any submission or remove any posting for any reason.
  7. The WLOA makes this service available to its members, and in no way implies endorsement of any offering, event or activity. It also does not vouch for the accuracy of posted information.

Adopted by the WLOA Board of Directors, July 19, 2011


WLOA E-Mail Communication Guidelines

The Watkins Lakefront Owners Association (WLOA) E-mail communication is a message of timely information to the entire membership.*

Acceptable messages are:

  • WLOA events
  • Lost & Found items or pets
  • Information on criminal activity occurring around the Lake

(Example: home invasions or vandalism; no name or address of members

will be listed unless specifically approved/requested by that member.)

  • Death notice of member
  • Any message requested by the WLOA Board of Directors

Prohibited messages are:

  • For Sale or Help Wanted messages [WLOA Website handles this info.]
  • Commercial, religious, or political messages
  • Advertisements for non-WLOA events

*  A link to the WLOA website (www.watkinslakeassociation.com) will be given at least twice a year

 #    Guidelines approved at WLOA Board of Directors Meeting on 091812

##   Guidelines approved at WLOA Board of Directors Meeting on 071613; updated website address